Ewww! Another acronym?  Not an educational one, pleeze!

No, it’s just short for “what I really want” which is a writing exercise a girl friend and I re-invented last week.  I send a calendar notice early Wednesday morning to us, saying “Welcome to our six-week WIRW.  Today, write for 10 minutes to the prompt, “What I really want.”  Save your response.

This is week two.  We email or text each other.  K. wrote, “I am so new at our writing.  I don’t have a pattern yet.  I just know that I am surprised that I really like it.”

“I started out with very simple statements and by the end I was doing paragraphs and the last one gave me clarity on an issue that had been bugging me.”

Our plan is to get together after the 6 weeks and share what we discovered.

I do my free write on keyboard, with my phone timer, then save and close the doc, without re-reading it.  Interesting to notice that I really get to the point at about the 9.5 minute mark, then scramble to write that.  But now, just thinking about this little practice, I am growing curious to know what I wrote so far.

This writing exercise came out of a conversation we were having about how, in our point on the great number line of human life, people often start asking themselves, “What do I have to look forward to?”  Not a good question, really.  A better question, especially for someone who has spent a lifetime pleasing others, is to ask, “What do I really want?”


4 responses to “WIRW”

  1. Great idea! Reflective writing can help provide the clarity we seek in life.


  2. This is so great, I can’t wait to try it. I used a free website, 750 words, that compiled data about the tone in writing. It was reflective for me, but your idea seems to get to the point. Love it


  3. Love this idea and the fact that you write and leave it to come back to later.


  4. I really like this writing prompt idea and plan to give it a try. Thanks for including the specifics of the timer and what helps you write. Thanks for sharing.


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