I’m From…

I’m from the rain we finally got, Come on, Rain! has vanished overnight

I’m from heat your nan in the toaster

while sunrise shafts light up old plaster.

I’m from the theory of I’d love to write and Mr. Early Grey sustains me

I’m from weekend tax appointment get your grant report done and oh yeah,

You have a demo for 60 perfect stranger teachers first thing Monday.

I’m from take a breath

Eat spaghetti with Mom

Watch one, only one episode of Gilmore Girls

Sipping one, only one teensy glass of pinot noir.

I’m from a sleepy neighborhood where I went out to a bare driveway for the Sunday paper

And watched the battered old car spin in the intersection

Swoop around and fling the red plastic sack of news at my feet.

Utterly amazing.

I’m from a desk piled with opinion writing clutter

My head is packed with unwritten parts of the presentation.

I have roots that need to be dyed over today

and yet.  The sun makes birds begin to twitter.

The wet windows are bright with promise.

I’m from get another cup of tea.

Window fan

8 responses to “I’m From…”

  1. Love Gilmore Girls! I love the way you wrote this.


  2. You are so right! More like a where I am. (Or where I was yesterday.) Thanks for your thoughtful feedback.


  3. I especially liked the line about Gilmore Girls. One, only one. I love “where I’m from”–that’s why I chose to read your piece. I liked how you used some of the techniques and imagery from that exercise, but it seemed to me like maybe you needed a different phrase than “Where I’m from” because the piece was so foucused on where you are at this moment. At least, that is how I interpreted it. I also enjoyed the contrast between things like “unwritten parts of the presentation” and dying your roots. It really showed how the mind drifts from one area of our lives to another, from the serious to the mundane.


  4. This is just the perfect way to begin the SOLSC!


  5. I’ll grab that cup of tea and wish I had an episode of Gilmore Girls to watch! So March SOLSC begins!


  6. I’m a huge fan of George Ella Lyon’s “Where I’m From” and am looking forward to using it again w/ students when we begin our poetry unit. Nicely done. Enjoy the month of writing!

    My Day 1 Slice: https://twowritingteachers.wordpress.com/2015/03/01/sol15-day1/#comment-83256


  7. Great introduction poem! It’s nice getting to know my fellow “Slicers” — have a great month of writing!


  8. What a great piece. Lots of imagery.


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