Intention and 5 Easy Practices

I am setting my intention for the New Year along these lines:  To live fully and live well.

I want to set the bar high.  And I may want to make more specific statements about this goal for the year.  But for now, this is what I know.

It will mean I need balance:  I make poor choices when I am overly tired, or eating badly, or not getting exercise and fresh air.  When overworked, I catch one of the viruses going around my work place — like discontent or drama.  I am susceptible to a critical spirit and my immune system can be weak.  I need my sleep, good food, a bit of exercise and healthy focus on my inner life.

I can pay much more attention to what really recharges me.

When I am balanced and rested, and rooted in who I am — I can stand up for myself and not engage in the drama and unhappiness.  I can use my energy at work much better than I have.  And overall, in my life, I should be good at spotting what drains my energy.  So simple if you find a leak: Stop it.

So, to live fully and live well means to be happy — to be happier than I have been. It means to live in gratitude. I’ve had a taste of how powerful that really is, lately.

I love that Anne Lamott wrote, “‘No.’ is a complete sentence.”

It will be interesting to work and play with non attachment — no reaching for stuff or experiences.  Just plain living.  Time to read, think, create.  And I am open to new experiences or opportunities arising, but they are not the goal.  I don’t need to need so much stuff.

For the start of this year I assigned myself a “daily 5” — five things to do.  Just simple practices that will contribute to my well-being and should become habitual in 40 days. These won’t take up too much time and support my over-arching goals.

1. Meditate - with mantra and pranayama
2. Yoga stances and stretches - include cobra in the simple routine
3. 10 minute free-write and then blog sometime in the day
4. Walk - (or ride that exer-cycle outside the back door)
5. Eat light - sugar is not helpful and I love vegetables

And I think the most important new habit to build into my mind is to practice contentment. I’ll start now by expressing my thanks for time to think.  For quiet.  For a keyboard and writing.  And for sleep. For a good job, which I will do out of love and for the money, but not for the drama.

My well being.  Finding what I need in my own soul.  I will articulate this perhaps more specifically, but it is a start.

An excellent process…and I’m not after a product.

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