The geography of a holiday

2014-04-18 15.07.57The approach to tampa.

My visit to Anna Maria Island via a flight to Tampa, Florida took me to new scenery, away from work mode and into a relaxation I haven’t felt for a long time.

I am annoyed that my rich experiences of Joy’s place and our tour in New Orleans are already being encapsuled, packed up my my brain and only offered in summary.  It’s the classic, “How was your vacation?” and after 8 days of wonderfulness you can only explain, “Fine.  Great.  How was yours?”

I know that writing will unpack bits and that takes work. Which means energy. Which, after only three days back on the 1.5 ft jobs, I am running low.

Love the colors from the airplane window.  The look of everything in Florida is so different than the South SF Bay area.

I don’t want to write rambly travelogues, no.  However, I want to tie into recent, real stuff and make some prose poetry, or a hundred word memoir here and there.

Just not happening tonight.  My eyes are glazed over and my fingers and back ache.  Night, night, world.

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