Some people say, “Your yard looks nice,” or “It’s coming along,” but when Jess and I tour my yard it is leaf by leaf and blossom by blossom.

Today she brought me a jewelry box turned succulent planter, shabby chic with pearls from Emma and other beads that are in the family. 

I remembered again today what a pleasure it is to poke about the yard with another horticulture fan, wondering over things and oohing and aahing over others.  There’s also the challenge of remembering names like grevellia, and the little blue flowers on the front wall, Jess later texted me, “Lithodora!” The salmon yarrow that was so finicky last year and refused to bloom looks better.  Frost got the salvia but there’s a riot of old fashioned sweet peas over-growing it so it doesn’t seem so sad.

And there are the cuttings that go home besides the fistful of cut sweetpeas.  Jess knows the history of my yard, from when it was broken concrete and weeds in packed clay.  There are specimens she recommended:  the golden smoke bush, the Australian fern, and some succulents.

This little planter she artfully made is a treasure.  My real jewels are not stones or precious metals.  I have mostly costume type jewelry.  But I value an aesthetically pleasing home and yard.  I like the simple old style of Craftsman and my zero yard has no grass — a mix of drought tolerant or hardy planting that are not super high maintenance.

Having a yard with gardens is a treasure.  Even when I spent an hour this morning whacking out the acanthus that were encroaching on an old red rose by the driveway.  It sparkles and gleams even more when I can share the plantings with another plant lover.




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