Book Bag Party

Some of us really know how to celebrate.

Friday is Book Bag day for intervention.  Rob Dog (so named by the kinder buddies) excitedly comes out and rolls all over their books and bags they have brought back after practice reading all week.

Each student chooses one book to talk about while I pass around the treat or toy bins.  If they’re holding up two books that is okay, too.

This whacky battery-powered laughing dog was my Christmas gift from my high school best friend.  At first, besides puzzling my cat, I wondered what I would do with it.

I like Book Bag parties and our pal adds a real dimension of hilarity.

9 responses to “Book Bag Party”

  1. lromainebrown Avatar

    Omigosh, Rob Dog gets his own blog! What a thought. 🙂


  2. Oh I how cute, I am sure the kids love that puppy! I was going to say what Betsy Hubbard said….he needs is own Blog Roll (Role) budump bump!


  3. That dog needs his own blog, oh the stories he could tell after rolling on them of course.


  4. That is a riot! How creative


  5. Deserie Bradvica Avatar
    Deserie Bradvica

    That practice has GOT to put a smile on everyone’s face…including yours!


  6. That has got to be smile inducing!


  7. Love it! It must be their favorite day of the week!


  8. Rob Dog?
    You should create a series of funny videos with Rob Dog. I’ll be that would be a blast.


  9. How fun. We need to provide fun for our students.


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