SliceShe’s the one wearing a lot of bangles on her neck and wrists, two rings and hair thingies with ribbons, a missing tooth smile, mismatched clothes, not in uniform.  This midyear kindergartener has her hands on everything, in addition to twirling and touching her bracelets, necklaces and rings.  Checking her hair and only partly keeping an eye out for possible news or information, half-listening. Usually saying things on tangents.

However, she is beginning to focus and delight in her re-reads.  Sight words are beginning to stick. Some confidence is growing.

Yesterday one of our reads was called “Dad.”  At writing time today my wistful kindergirl put her thumbs up for my prompt, “What do you want to write?”  I leaned in and she told me, “Don’t go, Dad.”  Her face so serious, earnest.

Oh my.  I looked in her eyes, then prompted a capital D and asked her to say the words as she wrote. She decided to write, “Do not go Dad.”  Then she drew a picture of herself with dad.

Writing.  How can we know our students without it?

6 responses to “Kindervention”

  1. Wow! Such a lot was said in such a few words! This, and not so kids can perform on the state test, is why I teach kids to write. Thanks for this important reminder!


  2. That was beautiful. I taught kindergarten years ago and still have copies of some of the pieces they produced. The beauty is in the honesty and sincerity. They write from the heart.


  3. Writing really does matter, doesn’t it? Can you imagine a kindergarten classroom without it?


  4. “Don’t go dad” ugh tears just sprang to my eyes. Writing is such a window into our children’s worlds and minds. Thank you!


  5. Mmmmm. . . my heart fills with this. You hit the nail on the head about writing being the key to knowing our kids. Donald Graves said it repeatedly in his work. When else do you get to sit side by side with kids and have them talk to you about their world?


  6. Oh how touching and sad…those four words… “Do not go Dad” say so much. I can just picture this little girl with her bangles and rings…I am glad she has you in her l
    life. Jackie


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