Word Nerds

IMG_0966 What a pleasure it was to pull into Rockaway Beach on our road trip on Hwy 1 to have tea time at A Grape in the Fog.  

Well, the Designated Driver (Moi) had a pot of tea and Alice had wine, but the main fun was sitting in the wing back chairs by the fireplace and discovering they had a pack of Bananagrams.  So I showed Alice how to play “Take Five.”

Here is our result.  So restful for some people to play word games.  And, enjoying the first time in many moons when I went out just with my younger daughter alone, I was delighted to hear her mental craving for Boggle online. While I am phasing out some of my Words with Friends games just now, to create more time for blogging, I admit that playing word puzzles rests my mind.

This was a delightfully relaxing moment together.  Soon after, we drove on down to Davenport, with the sun setting behind layers of clouds, making the stretches of open surf blue white and frothy in the pale twighlight.


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