Shabby Chic

Why I like random pottery with succulents, odd statuary and metal work, and weathered paint. IMG_0983Or, here’s why I’m comfy and happy around casual artiness.

I appreciate tactile things, like broken granite paired with rough boards.  I like the play of light on gates, shelves and faded paint.

The easy permission to place a tiled bench  in a surprising nook, or make the outdoor lamp a cast metal shell, and to freely nail things up on walls just for the fun of viewing them is inviting to me.  It seems to say, “Relax.  Enjoy the journey and the view.”

Perhaps part of my enjoyment in this airbnb rental in Davenport, CA is simply due to the ocean wash and wear on everything.  The sun, tides, salt, rain and fog bleach things back like driftwood.

This place says that artists and musicians and people who love to surf or boogie board hang out here.  While I may not like the art on display or in disarray, I still like the reminder that looking, feeling and creating are important attitudes and activities.

I enjoy casual spaces where I’m not worried I might mar the furniture or put the perfection into a tweaked agony of oh-so-slightly imbalanced.

Somewhere my aesthetic likes open, simple with a few lovely touches.  However, I don’t think I’d be comfortable living in a custom decorated home, replete with accents, accessories and artifacts all carefully arranged for the camera.

It makes me think that there may be some people who are simply living their lives with aesthetic appreciation and then there are some who must showcase their life as a product.



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