IMG_0873The return of sunlight, the lengthening of days feels good.

Work is intense, with intervention groups shifting and kindergarteners coming into my care.  The writing grant and presenting with writing project seems to be burgeoning.  So it’s all coming up like the iris bulbs, the new growth on my Double Delight roses, and —

This is the new thing.  I’m making time for seeing a new friend, planning mini-trips with my daughter and Mom.

It used to be when work got so intense and I had side jobs that my social life went away.  Right now, it’s like pre-spring.  Late winter optimism. 

I made it through the really cold and dark.  And so many good things are becoming semi-habits, almost daily:  like that appointment with my Pilates mat and meditation in my room.  Getting out to walk more frequently.  Reading more widely.

But the main thing that I miss, with the winter hibernation and holidays gone is this:

I want to write regularly.  Daily.  For stamina.  For the sake of writing.

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