How After a Wonderful Weekend Tuesday Was a Let Down


Today teachers and students went back to school, most still coughing or sleepy from staying up too late.  There’s always the dull ache of leaving the comfort of home or the fun of hanging out with family and friends.

However, today was a starker contrast than usual.  The school looked dumpy, people were glum, and I had a hard time putting my heart into it.  That’s not my normal.

Yes, yoga class and ocean air in Santa Cruz was good.  Seeing Jess was lovely.  Driving up the coastal highway to SF, with a stop for a macaroon in Davenport was highlighted by balmy weather and a lazy sky that sagged into a sunset.

I had been out on Saturday night on a surprise date which was fun.  Dinner and show with some laughs and stories and a kiss.  The night before my best girl friend and I had made it back to our club for nonstop talk.

My house got cleaned and I even planted Double Delight rose bushes.  The weekend:  all good.

The re-entry today:  distracting.  I felt some admin decisions were punitive, when I expected reward for my work raising the English proficiency level of most of my ELD students.

Does this sound like I don’t like my job?  No, but it didn’t look so shiny as usual.  And I felt the limitations of what I can do with my current schedule and LLI, Leveled Literacy Intervention.

Don’t really like this floating, cloudy low kind of feeling.  Not usually where I work from.

Is the prescription to have a dead, boring weekend next weekend to spice up my job?   I think it is to find a way to light a spark in the rainy campground.  Get a fire started even though things are moldy.

Or, just get a good night’s sleep and let tomorrow take care of itself.

3 responses to “How After a Wonderful Weekend Tuesday Was a Let Down”

  1. I understand days like this. We are asked to work hard and then are not acknowledged. Glad you could plant double delight roses.


  2. What a race through this slice. Great to have you share a bit of everything in this smorgasbord of life 🙂 School everywhere has become a more difficult challenge. I hope that starts to change.


  3. Here’s to lighting a spark in the rainy campground & a good night’s sleep. I love the honesty of my fellow bloggers. Some Tuesdays are just like this.


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