IMG_0678Joy.  That is the word that wells up when I think of being back in my classroom coaching students to read. 

I liked seeing kids today whom I haven’t seen since before Christmas.  I found myself laughing with a group of second grade boys on my before-school yard duty. 

Joy:  well-being, success, or the prospect of possessing what one desires :  delight.

Does this joyful feeling mean that I have all my prep done and all my ducks in a row?  Hardly.

It was such a pleasure to work with my students today because I see them growing.  I know that the little bits we did will matter and tomorrow we’ll add to it.  And several of my language learners wrote great letters to Kate DiCamillo responding to how they felt reading Tiger Rising.  They only had 20 minutes and several letters were knock outs.

One first grade girl, when we talked about what we’d enjoyed about the break said shyly, “But I missed Ms. Brown.”  Awwww….

So after a double dose of meetings after school, as I drove home I realized I would get to give myself Pilates and meditation in my little room. I thought, “Thank you for taking care of me.” And Moi answered, “You’re welcome.”

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