Back to Work



Bon weekend!

Back to work means out of the garden and into meeting rooms.  Off with the work gloves and apply the lavender puce metallic nail polish.  Instead of wake up whenever, calculate my commute backwards for the phone alarm.  It will mean lots of paying attention to time, unlike the past weeks.

Winter break has been almost like retirement, or the way I imagine it.  Lots of time with my cat and my Words with Friends average score skyrockets when my brain is rested.

Now, work begins with a few days of professional development.  I am anticipating good things with the Fountas & Pinnell training — I look forward to learning all that I can in the two days at the county.

Then I will resume groups and get re-acquainted with students who I have not seen for almost a month.  What will their lives be filled with?

My days have been filled with simple things, like digging up iris, pulling weeds, reading good books, making bean soup, and pruning small trees.  I also planted a Double Delight rose today in front of the bench in my front yard.

At the hardware store, I also got a jar with a lid in which to write sticky notes and place inside when something good happens.  I wrote, Jan. 5th “I planted a Double Delight rose tree in my front yard.”

Somewhere in the ramping up of schedules and meetings, I need to find some new books to read.  Vacation meant I read all my books.

So now, slacks or trousers, not muddy jeans.  Manicured fingernails, not dirt encrusted fists.  Time to man up and face the workaday world.





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