Gardening. Cont.

IMG_0004 Since I came home from SF with another kind of lavender, one that Mom didn’t like, I got started on the front yard winter clean up.  Four happy hours I pruned the wisteria, planted the lavendar bush, pruned shrubs, moved a large flower pot to the porch, dug up things to move to better places, pulled weeds, and raked out hibernating snails from their hiding places.

A neighbor crossed the street and offered to help when he saw me wrestling with a pruning saw and a bush overgrown on it’s own dead twigs.  He offered to saw it off at the ground for me, which I gratefully accepted.  Then we rolled the big tumbleweed to the green pile on the curb for pickup. 

The orange blades of grass and succulents are now exposed, as well as the stone bench out by the porch.  I like the shift.  I look forward to doing the fine trimming and clean up in the morning. 

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