Ode to Mickey, mi gato

we met,IMG_0004

the cow kitty and I,

when my realtor

showed his house —

he checked me out

the hood is his

several blocks of it

the story of how

the cat came back

from Reno

to be mine is

part of his charm.


street smart

with a squeaky falsetto meow.

whines about hot weather

loves tuna water tea

Mickey gives me

dead rats

occasional birds

in my closet

he gives me


reasons to open cans

warmth on the blankets

in the chilly dawn

he emerges from

under the honeysuckle

and meows

when my car drives up

Mickey rolls in the dirt


in cat love

at me.

he drinks

from the kitchen sink


in the catnip

he loves

water and chases

the stream

from the hose

when dancers

come over

he walks among us

and parks in the kitchen

when the party starts

when I sit on the front porch

for cool air

he takes the other rail

when I work in the garden

he sleeps there

when I take a road trip

he comes back over the fence



telling me not

to go away again.


black and white

cow kitty

with attitude.

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