Tonight the beginners salsa rueda had a good turnout.  I have been going to another class so there were new dancers as we progressed around the circle to the calls.  On the second “dame” (give me another one) my partner collected me for the cross body lead and I was immediately taken with his manner and appearance.  Slim build, Japanese angular face with longish hair combed over to the side, with bits falling on his forehead and glasses.  He has a dance frame so he probably knows ballroom dances.

Silly me.  I kept watching him around the circle and looking forward to my turn to dance with him.  A light, polite touch and graceful lead.  I was trying to guess how much younger than me this man might be.  Hard to tell.

He stayed around the rec center for part of the intermediate class and I found myself watching him across the room.  How funny!  I really cannot remember the last time someone’s presence made my heart do little pitta pats and I felt shy.

And of course wanted to be slim, svelt and at least 10 years younger.  Oh oh, there it is.  See previous post about losing resentment.  Perdu des poids.

Still, I came home from dance class with my memory of him.  It was fun to feel attracted to someone, however inaccessible or available he may or may not be.

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