Buddy Letter Writing

Somehow by their lunch hour my eight grade 5 intervention students finished typing letters of introduction.  I had no idea how long typing letters would take!team

My neighbor, who teaches in an adult high school, and I have launched a Buddy Letter Writing project — modeled off one I did with a full 5th grade class partnering with a college freshman English professor, and similar buddy projects I’ve seen teachers do with SJAWP.

Tonight we spread the first letters out on her dining room table, reading and admiring phrases, style and tone.  Then we matched the students for interests, background, and role models.  Mostly the letters were terrific.  It’s exciting.

Tomorrow my 5th grade focus group will get the first in a series of letters from their high school buddy, only known by first name, and no contact information.  In May the high school students will come to our campus so everyone can meet.

I’ve experienced how motivating and marvelous this kind of writing can be.  So, I’m excited to be taking my folder of letters to share tomorrow.



One response to “Buddy Letter Writing”

  1. What a great idea – connecting learners and learning. I have long wanted to connect my elementary students with my grad students – maybe next year!


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