IMG_5314Tuesday, tomorrow, is the eve of my birthday.  This year is a nasty number, although the numbers had never bothered me before.  It’s the year I got discount offers on cremation and cheerful bulk mail like that.

Today was a Monday squared to the max.  Tonight I posted my letter to a highly critical teacher who hijacked my precious 25 minute lunch time today.  Within 3 minutes of posting for today, the Slice for tomorrow dropped in my mailbox.

So, I’m writing for the Eve of My Birthday.  I want the day to have a few laughs.  I want to see my students besides walk through my school with The Suits from the district office.  I want one person to say “thank you” to me sincerely for some teensy, little thing.  I want my day to taste like the photo, “My first lunch in Paris.”

And the best part of tomorrow will that at night I will go out to Club with my very best girl friend.  We will have wine, fantastic Italian food, and — most important — we will laugh and talk about our true selves and Life.  (No, I won’t have my feet propped up blogging, so that’s done now, tonight.)

So, on my natal day at school Wednesday, if everything I’ve planned in order for teachers to enjoy teacher consultants coming into their classrooms; if it doesn’t all go perfectly or make everybody happy, never mind.  I’m going to go out again that night and fouggeddaboutit.  Another sweet friend and her dad are taking me to a great little fish market cafe.

There are times when a dedicated teacher needs to put her attention on what she likes and loves. They call it “balance.” I called it “my birthday.”  The very best part won’t be these weekdays workdays, although I’m pleased with my plan to break my no-going-out-on-school-nights rule.  This Saturday, my family ~ Mom, two daughters, two grandkids, two close friends, and two neighbors will come to my house for a Backyard Takeover.  I’m living for time with my peeps.

We will grill fun little bits of fancy food on the patio, have champagne and SPEND QUALITY TIME TOGETHER.  That is what I love most.

So, the Birthday Queen is taking up her scepter.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, critical people are not allowed to bother her, even if they bow first.  They must stand in the background of Her Highness’s birthday aura.

Friends, family and colleagues who care, may approach.  I count myself rich beyond measure for the people I love and for true friendships in my life.


3 responses to “Pronouncement”

  1. A backyard takeover sounds glorious! Happy, happy birthday to you. Thank you posting such rich delights for us to sample and taste.


  2. So glad you are breaking the ‘don’t do anything on a school night’ rule. I hope our dinner is delicious. I loved your last two paragraphs…so Birthday Queen…you celebrate to the fullest!! Jackie


  3. You know how to celebrate…sounds like you’ll be queen for the day. Enjoy!


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