OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had a cat from Hurricane Katrina named Carlos.  He was the best part of coming home to my studio with piles of work.

Cats, and Carlos in particular, was a master at unwinding, chilling and enjoying life.  His eyes said he loved that I was home.

Now I have a big black and white “cow kitty” who just greeted me and went out to enjoy the return of sunshine after a rainy day.

It’s Friday.  The presentation is done.  It went well.  Other things happened, but mainly the heat is off and I’m going out for Indian food tonight with a girl friend.

Does anyone have any idea how sucked dry and zapped teachers can feel at the end of an especially challenging week?  I see even the 20 and 30 something year old’s dragging.  Numbing, bone-tiredness.  And then, we spring back.

Like my amazing cats, Carlos and Mickey, I will decompress.  Chill by looking at the daffodils blooming in my circular garden, having a glass of zin port, and simply not doing anything.  Not for a little while.


One response to “Decompressing”

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