Blogging Before

When blogging takes precedence over playing Words with Friends on FaceBook during my morning cup of coffee, I know something’s up.  Maybe this writing thing I’ve been trying to nurture is taking hold?

The sunlight slanting across the neighbor’s roof, the dew soaked plants, and piles of redwood debris from this week’s windstorm all beckon me to get out of doors with gloves, tools, and the wheelbarrow.  Daffodils

Yet I dally over this mug of cafe creme because I noticed the Slicers link is up.  And wanting to write is good, but actually doing it is better.  Like wanting to get more exercise and then getting out for that brisk walk daily.

Enough moralizing.  Just saying,  I am enjoying this blogging thing.  It is a joy to work with image and words and for my thoughts to be instantly framed in a lovely format.  That’s compelling.

Writing for a non-specific, general audience is also good for me, rather than ranting or poeticizing to myself.  That does sound weird, but you may agree with professional writers who claim adamantly that a writer writes for himself/herself.  I agree with them, but the next step is to include someone else as audience.

Good morning, bloggers everywhere.  Especially to those who blogged at a kitchen table with a tall mug of coffee before anything else got your attention.





9 responses to “Blogging Before”

  1. The genius of this enterprise is that the warm writing community that exists here serves to add to your motivation, to the point where a habit can form. The circuit of writing is incomplete without an audience, because you can only become a really good writer (I think) if you are constantly thinking about your reader.

    This is my first visit to your neighborhood; I really like the way you control and vary your sentences. The result is a thoughtfully structured but still informal and conversational voice. Nice!

    You are expressing the thoughts of many slicers here, I think. Keep enjoying what you’re doing! 🙂


  2. Yes, love it, love it, love it…. love it with a mug of coffee… or before… or anytime!


  3. Yay! I find it so exciting and encouraging when people say they are ENJOYING writing! As an educator, and a writer, it is my dream for all people. Aim high, right?! 🙂 We stick to what we love, and I think you might be hooked!


  4. This slice of life writing becomes addictive. You start out in March and write every day. Then April rolls around and there seems to be a void in your life. So then you continue on Tuesdays and you get to meet and visit all the friends you made in March.


  5. I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying this blogging thing!! I know for me, I love that people also comment as well. It’s nice knowing that people are reading what you write and responding to it. It makes it a lot more exciting! 🙂


  6. lromainebrown Avatar

    Thank you. And I appreciate that you put in the proper accents for café crème. Love your truth that one migrates from one obsession to another. That’s a rich mine for writing. 🙂


  7. I find I am much more aware of the small moments around me as writing ideas, but also it brings life Ito perspective. I am so glad you have found the rhythm in making it part of your day.


  8. I find myself musing about my writing all day long. I open my blog first thing in the morning, before my email. That is a shift for me. It is compelling. The audience is part of it.


  9. Good morning!…or should I say afternoon now. I relate to your words…I find myself opting for writing a post instead of Words with Friends. I wonder how many others have done so. In fact, my post from yesterday talks about neglecting one obsession of mine and gaining another one…blogging. Enjoy your cup of café crème.


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