I’d Like Your Opinion

my watercolorTonight, while I ate my Trader Joe’s Guilt Free Chicken Breast in Pablano Sauce, I watched a YouTube from a FB friend’s share: Senator Elizabeth Warren speaking at the Senate Banking Committee Hearing on Bank Money Laundering.

Senator Warren asked clearly, “I’d like your opinion….” and the banking committee  dodged and skirted her question and she’d return them to the question: “I’d like your opinion.  What does it take to even consider closing down a bank that is laundering money?  How many billions of dollars of drug cartel money laundering would you say it takes to consider shutting down a financial institution?” (approximate quote).

I saw that what we want, what I want, as an educator, is to send people into the world who are as clear and concise in their argument as Senator Warren.  Writing for real world purposes has got to be the reason we do the Common Core.

It’s the eve of my long-awaited presentation on opinion writing for primary teachers and students.  I can see the purpose in taking the time to teach kindergarteners to state their opinion, for first graders to rate something as the best in the group and for second graders to review the books they read with opinions.  Our primary students can give an opinion when asked. Senator Warren said, “I’d like your opinion….” and the Senate banking committee could not state theirs.

I’m going to put the finishing touches on my presentation, enjoy a glass of port and my big black and white cat come in out of the rain.




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